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The Last True Hero is now available for pre-order! It will launch on January 24th, 2017, and continues the sexy, post-apocalyptic series that started with Nobody's Hero. It stars Adam McClain—the rugged bounty hunter who lost everything at the end of Nobody's Hero—and Mia Gray, the one woman who sees straight through him. If you like your romances with some kick-butt action, thrilling chases, explosions, steamy scenes, stolen kisses, and heroes who don't believe they're ever going to get a happy-ever-after, then this book is right up your alley!

Here's a little excerpt to wet your appetite:

            It had been a long time since Mia had touched a man like this.

            A long time since she'd wanted to.

            And that was when she realized her breasts were pressed flush against him, all soft lushness against the hard planes of his body. Sweat dampened his collar. Suddenly the heat against her skin wasn't simply his body heat. Mia shifted, and he must have felt it for he looked down, just as she looked up.

            Those strong arms—as reassuring as they were—weren't what she wanted, right now.

            No. She wanted oblivion. Sweet oblivion. To feel and not think a thing at all. Something to fight off all those emotions swarming her. She could barely see in the dark, but she could just make out his lips. Firm lips they were, not the kind of mouth that curved in a smile very often, but still dangerously tempting. And she was so close to breaking that she desperately needed to drive the image of her sister out of her mind before she lost it.

            Tilting her mouth to his, Mia slid a hand behind his nape and dragged his face down. Their lips met, hers hungry and ravening; his hesitant.

            McClain froze. “Mia.”

            “Shut up and kiss me,” she breathed against his skin.

          There was no more resistance. McClain melted against her, capturing her mouth in a gentle caress. She'd expected more, but the simple affection in the touch rocked her, just as much as the sensation of passion did. His hands slid from her arms, down to her waist and back up again. His hesitation vanished as Mia thrust her tongue against his, earning a growl from his throat and a faint, teasing thrust of his hips, as if he couldn't help himself.

            Yes. Mia planted both hands in the center of his chest and pushed him against the wall.

            Kissing him grounded her, in more ways than one. Not alone. Not right now. She threw herself into it, hands greedy as McClain made a growling protest sound in his throat.

            The hard press of his erection dug into her belly and Mia slid her hands between them, wrenching his shirt out of his jeans—

And I'm going to leave that right there (:

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