Wait, I hear you saying… What is this? Something new?

I'm excited to share that I have a novella out in a new boxed set collection of 16 fantasy stories, called Myths and Magic (Yes, I was also in a collection in August called M & M too. Confused yet? I am.)

My novella (40k), BURN BRIGHT, is available exclusively in the Myths and Magic Box set. The set is only $0.99 (for a limited time, then the price goes up). It's a little bit of a Sekrit Project, something different to stretch my writing muscles.

Full disclosure, Burn Bright is very different from what I usually write:

A) It's YA Fantasy
B) It's written in first-person POV, unlike the rest of my novels, which are in third-person.
C) There is a romance. A heated, kisses-only romance.

How is it similar to everything else I write?

A) The heroine, Neva, is pretty much kick-ass and likes sticking arrows in things
B) The hero, Casimir, is hot and gruff and growly, and trying very hard not to like Neva
C) The action is fast-paced, the world is full-on fantasy, and there is a dark, forbidding forest that our heroine must enter, and some ancient mythological elements to encounter (Read: Monsters).

Bonus: fairytale vibes.

If you like YA Fantasy, check it out. If not, I will not be dismayed. This has been a passion project for me, one I would like to share, but I understand my readers expect certain things from me.

BURN BRIGHT: When a prince arrives in Neva's village, hunting for the mythical firebird, Neva is forced to be his guide in the dangerous depths of Gravenwold forest. Torn between the prince and his wolf shifter huntsman, Neva must make a difficult decision when she discovers the firebird's secrets.

Purchase Myths and Magic at Amazon.

Please note: This set was supposed to be available wide for the pre-order period, however, with Pronoun (an upload service authors use) suddenly closing three weeks ago, there has been an unexpected change in availability on other vendors. Unfortunately, the entire set is only available on Amazon. Sorry guys, this was out of my hands, and a little last minute for me.

I will be republishing Burn Bright individually in 2018, however, if you read on iBooks, Kobo or Nook, and are interested in reading it now, please fill out this form and I will try to organise a link to buy, for you.

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