Will there be more London Steampunk books?

The first London Steampunk series is complete, however, the spin-off series, London Steampunk: The Blue Blood Conspiracy series has just been launched with the release of Mission: Improper.

Who features in the new London Steampunk series?

A lot of the side characters who didn't get their stories told in London Steampunk. The only new characters are Gemma and her hero. The rest have had page-time in the first series.

Does that mean Charlie and Lark?

Yes. Charlie's story is coming. He just has a little bit more growing up to do, so expect his story to be the fourth in the series.

What happened to the Verwulfen AKA Eric and Astrid?

I can't promise dates or releases but I do have a plan in mind for the verwulfen.

How many books in the Dark Arts and Burned Lands series?

Both of these series' are planned trilogies, however, Dark Arts might have a spin-off. It's brewing at the moment, and I do love that world.

Sebastian and Cleo?

Book three in the Dark Arts, my impatient friends (:

Where can I find your books?

My books are sold at most e-retailers, such as Kobo, iBooks, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Audio editions of the London Steampunk series can be found on Tantor, Amazon and Audible.

Are there going to be more audio editions of your work?

That depends on Tantor, the publisher who acquired the London Steampunk series. I don't have a lot of control over that, unless I choose to hire a narrator myself, which can be an expensive experience. So… Perhaps.

Who does your cover art?

The amazing Gene Mollica designed the first London Steampunk series. The curious Case of the Clockwork Menace was designed by Angela Water, Tarnished Knight was created by Croco @ Crocodesigns, and the Burned Lands, Dark Arts and LS: The Blue Blood Conspiracy series covers were created by damonza.com.

Who does your editing?

Currently it's Hot Tree Edits, who are amazing.

Who does your print formatting?

Marisa Shor at Cover Me Darling. Highly recommend her work for formatting and branding. She also does covers as well.

Do you have a street team?

No, I don't have a street team. I do have an Advanced Review Team, however numbers are limited. There is currently a waitlist if you are interested in applying.

Will you read my book?

No. Sorry. Thanks to time commitments and legal issues, I cannot read any novels by aspiring authors. My best advice is to find a critique group. Good luck!

Will you offer me a cover blurb?

You can always ask, however, I'm crazy-busy at the moment and might have to forgo due to time constraints.