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About the London Steampunk series | About Writing and Publishing

About the London Steampunk series

How many books will there be?

London Steampunk is contracted for five books, which will conclude the story arc of this particular plot line, however, I  love my dark, little world, so hopefully enough readers love it too!

Where did the idea come from?

It started with a scene. A desperate woman in the streets of Whitechapel, forced by circumstances to sell her blood rights to a dangerous man. The image was so vivid. Her stockings, her desperation, this dark hero with secrets of his own. I wanted to know he was, who she was. From there the world arose.

Can each book be read alone?

Each book is designed as a standalone read; however, there is an overarching plot. A little spice to the dish, so to speak.

What is the order of the series?

  • Book one: Kiss of Steel, Sept 2012
  • Novella: Tarnished Knight, May 2013
  • Book two: Heart of Iron, featuring Will and Lena.
  • Book three: My Lady Quicksilver, Oct 2013
  • Book four: Forged by Desire, (Sept 2014)
  • Book five: Untitled

About Writing and Publishing

Will you give me a quote for my book?

All requests for cover quotes will need to go through my agent.
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How can I request an interview or guest blog?

Please see the contact page for my email address. Due to time constraints, all requests will be considered carefully. Thanks!